About me

Hi, my name is Benjamin Mary and I'm Age.
Currently working as a project manager in the mixed fields of : IT, transport & logistics.

First of all, I am a learning lover.
Going further in the areas I already know and discovering new skills are things that matter a lot to me.
I do this mostly by challenging myself at work or with personnal projects, reading and following MOOCs or technical blogs.
As an example, this website is a side project where everything is handmade, except the hosting.

I like to work with technology, and automate stuff.
That's how I started to switch my career more and more into the IT field, with Excel and VBA as my first tools.

Another thing that I strive for is to get the maximum outcome from the differents ressources that I manage.
Always doing my best to be time efficient and to exchange with people for the best benefits of everyone.

I am always looking to tackle new challenges.

Feel free to contact me on my LinkedIn.
You can also reach me by mail here : [email protected]